Residential Electrical Contractors in Alexandria

When your new or outdated home needs an electrical overhaul, you’re going to need a certified electrical contractor to get the job done. At Metro Home Improvement, LLC, our residential electrical services go above and beyond, from residential electricians to contractors who manage entire sites, and do all the paperwork, on top of getting your electrical work taken care of.

Located in Alexandria, our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety as well as our own. Metro Home Improvement, LLC believes in education, safety, and top-notch client services, all of which set us apart from other local electricians.

Offering free service estimates, competitive pricing, and financing options, you can’t go wrong when you call Metro Home Improvement, LLC!

Electrical Installations

There’s a lot that goes into your home’s electrical system behind the scenes. While you see the lights and appliances you use on a daily basis, we see wiring and all the potential safety issues that need to be taken care of during an installation.

Investing in certified electrical contractors to manage your electrical installations is not a choice, it’s necessary. Attempting these installations on your own is dangerous, and relying on a general contractor with general information can cost you big time down the line.

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Home automation
  • Appliance installation
  • Home wiring
  • Solar panel installation
  • Heating installation

Alexandria homeowners and construction managers can rely on Metro Home Improvement, LLC to set up a flawless system that lasts for years to come.

Electrical Retrofitting

When buying an older home in Alexandria, you will benefit from a historical property that has features modern homes don’t have. Often these homes will be more affordable, but the electrical work may leave a little to be desired.

Newer electrical systems are eco-friendly and energy efficient, therefore more affordable when it comes to monthly bills. And, newer systems are safer just by virtue of being new.

As residential electrical contractors, we do a lot of rewiring and retrofitting. Incorporating new technology into old can be tricky, but we have the equipment and experience to do so successfully. Want to turn your older character home into a surprisingly cutting-edge property? Not a problem.

Ongoing Maintenance

At Metro Home Improvement, LLC we don’t install your electrical system and leave, we leave you with the knowledge required to keep it operating effectively and safely.

Regular inspections are important and when it comes time for your annual electrical inspection, you can rely on our team to come by and let you know what’s going on. And, should your electrical system require repairs at that time, we’ll get them done before they become a problem.

Certified Quality

Metro Home Improvement, LLC has built is reputation in Alexandria on providing quality work at prices the average homeowner can afford.

Your home runs on electricity. Having it is necessary. It’s best to always invest in professional services that will ensure your installation goes smoothly and is guaranteed to be safe as long as you’re living on your property.

Give us a call today if you have questions or are ready to book a free in-home service estimate!