Electrical Home Inspections Alexandria

Everyone knows that inspections are done to ensure safety, but how many homeowners in Alexandria have invested in an electrical inspection? The truth is, thankfully quite a few.

Electrical home inspections are important in maintaining a safe electrical system, especially in older homes. And, if you’re planning on purchasing a home, an inspection is absolutely necessary to ensure that you’re getting what you bargain for.

At Metro Home Improvement, LLC, our certified electrical contractors can provide you with a detailed report on the safety of your home’s electrical system, and carry out any necessary repairs. Get in touch today, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A Legal Requirement

If you’re planning on doing a big renovation on your home, you’re probably already aware of all the paperwork you’re going to need to have in order. Permits, guidelines, bylaws… there’s a lot of things you’ll need to do to stick to code. Electrical inspections are one of them.

So, while some inspections can be decided on at your own discretion, others cannot.

Home inspection services are crucial in securing insurance for your home. Without them, that new sunroom could burn down due to faulty wiring and you won’t get a penny back. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

If you’re planning to remodel in Alexandria, keep Metro Home Improvement, LLC at the top of your list of calls to make!

We’ll Check the Boxes

Organization is key when it comes to being an electrical inspector. Our electrical contractors follow a set list of points to check for electrical safety, to ensure that we’re doing the best job possible every time.

Wiring is of course important, along with your circuit breaker. We’ll also check outlets for potential unsafe wiring and overloading.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must also be inspected, and we’ll look at your lighting fixtures to see if they have the proper wattage.

If you have any outdoor electrical, we’ll go over that as well. At Metro Home Improvement, LLC, we’re nothing if not thorough!

We Keep our Prices Competitive

With most electrical inspections only taking two to four hours to complete, you can be relived that they’re not very pricey. Starting at $78 your typical inspection is quick and affordable.

Considering the necessity of inspections in multiple situations, it’s important to make this investment or risk paying for mistakes down the road. Moving into a new home that has malfunctioning wiring, or letting the wiring sit in your older home can have disastrous results.

Quality Guaranteed

If your home doesn’t have the highest quality functioning electrical system in Alexandria when we inspect it, you can be sure it will by the time we’re finished.

Metro Home Improvement, LLC is made up of full-service electrical contractors who can do all the inspections, installations, and repairs you could ever want for your home.

Making sure that electrical systems run smoothly is what we do. And keeping your family safe is what we’re passionate about. Give us a call today. We’re always ready to talk to a new client and can’t wait to book your inspection!