Residential Lighting Installations in Alexandria

When you’re looking for qualified local electricians to install lighting in your new home or update lighting in an older home, you can rely on the certified electricians at Metro Home Improvement, LLC to answer your call.

Our team has years of experience installing every kind of lighting system you can imagine in Alexandria homes, and now we’re ready to lend our experience and knowledge to your project.

Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner looking for a qualified team to brighten up your property, Metro Home Improvement, LLC is available to advise, provide free estimates, and get your lighting installed safely, efficiently, and at a competitive price.

Indoor Lighting

Our population may have its fair share of night owls, but even Alexandria residents who prefer the night would have trouble getting much done without indoor lighting. The sun provides us with essential vitamins, and when we experience a lack of light for too long, we get depressed.

Professional lighting design is often underrated but a very important service provided by lighting contractors.

Did you know that an improperly lit room can cause eye strain? We may not notice it at first, but a brightly lit room promotes productivity simply from allowing you to see better. Say goodbye to eye strain headaches when you invest in quality indoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be used to put landscape design elements in the spotlight, help you to navigate your properly more easily, dissuade intruders, and extend your evening social life.

Landscape lighting can be as simple as installing small path lights or post-mounted lights on your decking, to dramatic spotlights, pond lights, and lights that are inserted right into the risers of your stairs.

Lighting isn’t dependent on the style of your landscape. No matter what mood you’d like to set, it can be done with the right lights. From romantic and soft to modern and dramatic, your lights will reflect exactly what you want them to by the time we’re finished!

Quality for Less

In the Alexandria residential electric industry, there are a lot of larger chains out there, but when you choose Metro Home Improvement, LLC for your residential lighting installation, you’ll benefit from a small but dedicated team with a real attention for detail.

We care about the work we do, and work hard on every assignment, no matter how small or large it is. Education is important to us, and so we keep up to date on all the latest developments as well as design ideas to provide our clients with full-service electrical work they can really feel proud of.

Offering competitive pricing and free estimates, it’s easy to make the call to Metro Home Improvement, LLC for your lighting needs.

It’s Your Time to Shine

Illuminate the inside and outside of your home exactly the way you want when you employ skilled electrical contractors. We’ll work with your ideas and our history in the industry to come up with a truly unique lighting scheme that you can feel the benefits of day after day.

Give us a call today, we’re looking forward to speaking with you!