Arlington Lighting Installations

Most Arlington homeowners take lighting for granted. It’s something that’s around us all the time, indoors and outdoors, yet we never have to do much about it until a lightbulb needs changing, or our lighting is flickering and shorting out.

Working with professionals for your residential lighting installation is important. For some while this may be the obvious option, for others it is not. Do-it-yourself is a great goal, but when it comes to electrical work, the professional advantage is a big one.

Fully licensed, bonded, insured, and educated in lighting design, the certified electricians at Metro Home Improvement, LLC are more than qualified to design a lighting system inside or outside your home, that’s safe, effective, and impressive.

Installing Ceiling Lights

If you’re replacing a fixture, it’s relatively simple to figure out what you’re doing. But when it comes to installing new ceiling lights, it gets a lot more difficult. Whether you’re constructing a home from the ground up, or renovating, new light installation is reliant on your local electricians.

Can/recessed lights

Can, or recessed lights lie flat against your ceiling. They can be used purely functionally, or as a style choice to create a futuristic effect. If you’re wiring recessed lights, your Metro Home Improvement, LLC electrician is going to need access to the space above that ceiling, making this installation ideal for new homes. Depending on what type of ceiling you have (insulated or non-insulated) you’ll be looking at different types of recessed lights. Using the right kind is crucial to ensuring your home’s safety.

Installing light fixtures

New light fixtures can be installed by turning off your power, removing the old fixture, and replacing it with the new one. It seems simple, but there are a multitude of complications that can arise in the process. By working with Metro Home Improvement, LLC, we’ll be there from the design and purchasing phase to the actual installation to ensure that you’re purchasing the right type of fixture for your Arlington home.

Installing Security Lighting

Lighting contractors don’t just work with ambiance and attractiveness, we work with functionality and security as well. Motion activated security lights are growing in popularity every day, being used to keep unwanted visitors off of your property.

To some, security lighting can seem like something for the wealthy. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any home that is unsecured is open to break-ins, and by installing security lighting around your property, you’ll be keeping yourself and your belongings safe and secure.

Don’t Keep Yourself in the Dark

As human beings, we love the light. By having quality lighting design in your home, you’ll feel better and function properly. You’ll even keep your property safe from intruders.

Whether you’re looking to follow the latest trends or have your own unique ideas about the lighting inside and outside of your home, the electricians at Metro Home Improvement, LLC can help you realize your vision.

Give us a call today—we’ll even start you off with a free, no-obligation estimate!