Electrical Home Inspections in Springfield

If you’re in the market for a new home in Springfield, or want to make sure the home you’re living in has safe electrical wiring, an inspection done by a certified electrician is exactly what you need.

Metro Home Improvement, LLC spends its days helping our clients out with hundreds of different electrical problems, large and small. When it comes to inspections, we know a thing or five about everything!

You want your electrical inspector to be safe, and have a strong eye for detail. Luckily, the licensed crew at Metro Home Improvement, LLC can provide this and more with the utmost professionalism.

New Home Inspections

There’s a lot to be considered when you’re purchasing a new home. And, while you’re caught up in whether it has the perfect garage, or a walk-in closet, it can be easy to forget about the functionality of one of the most important things: the electrical system.

At Metro Home Improvement, LLC we’ve looked at a lot of potential home purchases in Springfield for our clients. We’ll determine the age of the wiring, find out if rewiring has already been done in older homes, and let you know if there are any potential expenses you’ll be looking at should you go through with the purchase.

Sometimes agents may gloss over certain problems to make a sale, and other times, they may not notice potential problems a certified electrician would. When you’re house hunting in Springfield, make sure to work an inspection into your budget.

Older Home Inspections

Is your home older than 40 years? It might be time to update your wiring.

Many of our clients in Springfield have a love for older houses—and so do we! Unfortunately, they tend to come with quite a bit of baggage, including older knob and tube wiring.

This wiring isn’t grounded properly, and can be the cause of a lot of problems, from small annoyances to potentially lethal ones.

While many times it takes a real problem for someone to call us up for an inspection, you don’t have to wait for that to happen. We’ll go through your older home and see if it has been rewired at any point, and see what the quality of that rewiring is.

In many cases, we’ll be able to fix problem areas at affordable rates, but other times, a full rewiring may be necessary. Ranging from $3,500-8,000, it’s not anything anyone wants to pay, but it will save you money on energy bills, keep your home safe, raise the value on your home, and best of all—once it’s done, you won’t have to do it again.

A Safer Home Today

What homeowner doesn’t want their home to be as safe as possible? We understand this need, and are here to tell you that the best thing you can do to ensure your home is safe and secure, is make sure that the electricity running through it is functioning properly.

Give us a call today if you have questions or are ready to book an inspection for your old, or new home!