Springfield Residential Electrical Repair

The harnessing of electricity may be one of the most influential inventions of all time, but it doesn’t come without its dangers. Electricity lights our way, powers our heat, and our televisions. But when there’s a problem with your electricity, it can cause electric shocks and even fires.

The prevention and repair of electrical systems is what we do every day here at Metro Home Improvement, LLC. Our close-knit and dedicated team of residential electricians are educated and certified in their field with years of experience on the job.

Springfield homeowners looking to find out what’s wrong with anything electric in their home can call us—even in the case of emergency—to come and repair the problem.

Electrical Wiring Repair

Every electrical appliance has wiring involved, and when it comes to electrical repairs, wiring is something we deal with almost every time.

Frayed wiring can cause lights to flicker and fuse boxes to malfunction, and over-wired panels can become unsafe for anyone poking around inside of them.

In the case of older wiring such as knob and tube, or aluminum, these have the potential to become highly dangerous as the years go on, causing electrical arcing and fires.

While some wiring problems Metro Home Improvement, LLC is equipped to deal with are minimal, others require retrofitting or rewiring of most or all of the home, making it a much larger project. Luckily for our clients in Springfield, we always do our best to make our rates competitive.

Electrical Outlet Repair

Are your outlets letting off strange burning smells, sparking, or just plain not working? Then you’ve got a dangerous problem on your hands.

While many power on plugging cords in carefully to avoid shocks, this is the worst thing you can do in case of outlet malfunction.

Outlets that malfunction can emit sparks that lead to electrical fires. We’ve all laughed at it on TV, but in real life it’s not so funny. Replacing the outlet is a job that has to be done by certified electricians as soon as you notice there’s something wrong.

Give Metro Home Improvement, LLC a call and we’ll get the job done quickly and safely.

Fuse Box Repair

Homes built before 1960 have a fuse box that does what a modern circuit breaker would. It’s a powerhouse for your home’s electrical circuit, and without it your home would not be supplied with electricity.

Many fuse boxes experience tripping, meaning it shuts off to protect your home from electrical fires. While the first instinct may be to just turn it back on again, doing so will put you at risk. Give Metro Home Improvement, LLC a call to determine what the root of the problem is, and fix your fuse box safely.

Springfield’s Local Electricians

Metro Home Improvement, LLC has been working out of Springfield for many years and is proud to serve our clients with quality work and professionalism at all times.

If you’re experiencing problems with or are worried about any electrical system in your home, give us a call immediately. We’re here to help!